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The first step for any chiropractic program begins with detailed questions we ask regarding your health history, family health history (yes, it's paperwork) and a detailed overview where your current health issues reside. Armed with the data you provide, my initial analysis will pinpoint target areas to be checked either by a hands-on exam, an x-ray – or both.

The one common goal we must share is getting you back to feeling your best. While your specific Corrective Program is unique, following through the Care guidelines we establish for you is a critical step in the success of your chiropractic program – and this success can be realized. But I can't emphasize enough that it's your determination and willingness to follow through, step-by-step that produces the best results.

There are many success stories to be told and I urge you to take the time to read through a few of my patient's stories – in their own words.

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