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Female, Age 59


Personal Statistics

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 59
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 165
  • Job Description: Security Guard for a privately owned property

Security guards enforce company rules and act, if necessary, to protect lives or property. Security guards are often trained to operate emergency equipment, perform first aid, take accurate notes and write effective reports, as well as perform other tasks as required by the property they are protecting. Security guards are often called upon to respond to minor emergencies (lost persons, lockouts, dead vehicle batteries, etc.) and to assist in serious emergencies by guiding emergency responders to the scene of the incident and documenting what happened on an incident report. Security guards tend to diminish theft, employee misconduct and safety rule violations, or even sabotage.

Being a private security guard is a high stress occupation due to the potential risks they endure on duty.

Historical Review of Health Issues

Case study was involved in two auto accidents in her 20's. The worst of the accidents resulted in a huge, hard knot the size of a small fist on the top of the left shoulder. This accident also inflicted whiplash, TMJ (temporomandibular joint: the joint connecting the lower jaw to the skull), severe lower back and hip pain and restless legs.

She was once hit in the head with an extensions ladder, causing a mild concussion.

Case study has minor curvature of the spine, and some arthritis.

Subject also suffers from inhalant and a variety of food allergies such as pine and birch trees; grasses and mold; carrots, grapes and eggs; pecans and walnuts; turkey and dairy (protein).

Over time, the inflictions began to cause discomfort and loss of normal function or movement on a regular basis. There were also instances when multiple areas would flair up at the same time causing extreme, debilitating headaches.

Prior to investigating and beginning chiropractic care at Scituate Harbor Chiropratcic, the case study spent a few years working with her GP who referred physical therapy and offered prescription medication. While the physical therapy did help improve flexibility, the meds were simply masking the pain, which was now becoming a regular occurrence. This lead to a consultation with a thoracic surgeon, but the subject felt the surgeon's suggestion of exploratory surgery was not an viable solution based on the risk/success ratio.

No other alternative treatment was explored after the surgeon's consultation, including chiropractic care.

Approximately 25 years have passed between the regularity of symptoms as a result of the auto accident, and her initial consultation with Dr. Tranberg. 

Analysis and Corrective Program


The new practice member first came to Scituate Harbor Chiropratcic experiencing frequent low back pain. She also pointed to a left shoulder muscle tightness and frequent headaches. When asked to rate her daily discomfort level on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extreme pain, she answered a seven.

I noticed right away her carriage (the manner of holding and moving one's head and body) and gait (a manner of walking or moving on foot) displayed slight difficulty. A closer visual evaluation revealed to me a head tilt to the left; an elevated shoulder on the right; an elevated hip on the right; and changes in her neck and low back spinal curves.

When evaluating the muscle, I discovered a few moderately tender areas located in her neck and low back region. Also, her ability to move her neck and low back were restricted when compared to what I consider to be average wear-and-tear of someone this age.

My initial prognosis for this member was: Fair (what does this mean?)

Corrective Program

After full review of the subjects physical evaluation, and a thorough review of the New Member paperwork (which consists of historical, family and overall health documentation), the following was proposed:

  • Thompson drop chiropractic adjustments twice a week for three weeks; once a week for four weeks; then once every two weeks, for a total of 12 visits. (The Thompson adjustments are to reduce the vertebral misalignments, reduce nerve root irritation and induce muscle relaxation.)
  • Corrective exercises were added at the 10th visit.

Progress and Results

She has had excellent response to chiropractic care. For the first couple of weeks there was minimal progress, but through encouragement and the determination in the subjects attitude of being hopeful and interested, her body really began to heal.
The timeframe for her Corrective Program began around the end of April and by her fifth adjustment in mid-May, she was beginning to experience measurable improvements in both flexibility and movement. Daily discomfort was noticeably reduced.

Dr. Tranberg wrote:
"Her progress was actually faster then I had anticipated. Early in care (by the 12th visit) walking, standing, sitting, sleeping and breathing had improved. As care progressed she became invested in following the care, exercise and nutritional program we recommended. The three-phase program, includes Relief Care, which transitions to Corrective Care and finally Wellness Care, where the case study is currently participating."

By her 12th visit, the Case study rated her progress as a 9 out of 10; 10 being complete resolution to the issues noted during her first visit at Scituate Harbor Chiropratcic.

"I immediately noticed less back pain, then less leg pain, after a while, the lump in my shoulder was soft, then gone, I am able to sleep better, movement in my neck has increased, enabling me to move better not only on the job, but when competing with my show dogs, both of which generate a high-stress, high-anticipation level. I also found that my headaches are almost nil, and my allergies seem better."

Scituate Chiropractor | Female, Age 59. Dr. Christina Scott is a Scituate Chiropractor.