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The following list identifies the policies of Scituate Harbor Chiropractic, which are established for all members to ensure you understand your responsibilities and key expectations. It is our goal to provide you with the finest quality chiropractic care available. We look forward to a special doctor/patient relationship that works for our mutual benefit.

1. All missed appointments must be made up within 7 days.
2. Our complimentary Health Care Presentation must be attended within the first month of care. It is an important part of your treatment program. You are welcome to bring family members or friends with you so he/she or they can understand too, and learn to assist you in your quest to regain your health; this is also a great way for them to find out the value of chiropractic care. Just ask the front desk to reserve a place for your guests.
3. If you arrive early or late for your scheduled appointment, you may need to wait to be seen as we have set aside a specific time for you to be seen by the doctor.
4. Account balances are subject to a specific limit, unless a set payment plan has been designed especially for you.
5. Returned checks are subject to a $15.00 surcharge on your account.
6. Balances over 60 days may be subject to additional collection fees and interest charges of 1.5% per month.
7. If you have any questions with regard to our Office Policies, your healthcare, or any of our other policies, please let us know.

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