Spinal Diagrams

Please take a moment and carefully explore the diagrams provided below. Each diagram illustrates the correlation between properly aligned vertebrae and your body's nerves. The diagrams are not meant to be used to pinpoint your specific health issue as an"Ah-ha!" moment, however, they should help you better understand the basic spine/nerve alliance and why it's critical for both to function conjointly to maintain a healthier, happier you.

What Could Be Causing the Problem?
The diagram Vertebra Misalignment shows you the typical root cause of most spinal issues. A misaligned vertebra will produce pressure on the nerves that lead to where you have discomfort. This pressure on the nerve not only produces back pain, it also disrupts the path or natural flow from brain to nerve to the various parts of your body, limiting and even debilitating your freedom of movement and daily function.


Where Are the Nerves Connected?

The diagram below, Autonomic Nervous System, shows you the relationship between your spine and the critical parts of your body. Every cell, for every part of your body receives nerve impulses either directly or indirectly from the spine. Review the diagram, follow the nerve(s) from the organ that may currently be giving you discomfort, back to the spine. By normalizing the nerve supply through chiropractic adjustment, a normal function returns to the organ as normal nerve impulses are restored.


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